Karmic Load

Each one of us have come in this world with a specific “Karmic Load" on our backs. The “Karma" is bonded to us and our lives in the most definitive way. Having said this, God has blessed each one of us to with unfathomable intellect and absolute freewill.
Use this intellect and freewill to eradicate anger, ego, greed and attachment from within, and we can certainly lighten the karmic load from this life and the lives to come. The path to salvation is very easy as well as impossible task. It may take hundreds of retry’s and constant perseverance and a whole new approach towards life. When we begin to understand the concept of Karma, we will never question to God, why this is happening to me, or why me only? We will never blame God for anything that happens to us. We will realize that we ourselves are responsible for whatever is happening to us.

If you dont worry about the results of my action, what is the difference between a donkey and a human. - unknown

The mysteries of the universe are unraveled to those who seek to know the truth of their own existence first. - unknown