The difference between 'Worshiping' and 'Praying'.

Most people, don’t know the difference between worshiping and praying. They feel that just by worshiping God, they can get away with all bad deeds and can do the most horrifying crimes in the world.
They feel that just by worshiping God , they can get closer to God.
They feel that just by performing certain rituals, they can wash away their sins.
This has been the practice from thousands of years.
While worshiping, we praise GOD, we light candles, put flowers on him, offer sacrifices, offer food and all sorts of things. But God does not need you to tell him that he is Great. He already knows that. He has not bought you in this world to tell him that he is the Almighty, he already knows that. Why should he put you through all this hardship you are facing in this life if he just wanted you to tell him he is Great. He could have just built some robotic beings without feelings , without freewill and programmed them to sing his praises 24/7 forever and eternity.
But he did not do that. He made humans, with freewill and a brain to understand what is right and wrong. He wanted us to realize what is good and what is bad by our self. God is our creator, and he is here to help us in tough times and listen to our prayers, to answer our prayers.
That being said, we need not remember God only in tough times, we can have Him in our hearts and minds every second of our life, after all he is the reason you are here.
Having the deepest respect for God in our hearts, having the most uncompromising faith in our heart is the biggest and the best worship you can do for God. The best worship of God happens from heart and mind. Its the thoughts that count.
Pray to God every single moment and thank him for everything he has given you