What is Forgiveness? Does it exist?

The word “Forgiveness" does not exist in this world.
It does not exist in any form.
It does not belong to us, meaning it does not belong to humans.
It belongs to GOD.

When does the need to forgive someone arise?
When someone has harmed us in any way or caused suffering to us or our beloved.
Thats when we get angry on that person and start hating him. Thats when the need to forgive arises. When you hate him or are angry with him.
But in reality, you are not supposed to have anger in you.
So if you dont have anger inside you, when you remove the ego from inside you , there will be no need to forgive someone.

It is up to God to forgive or not to forgive that person, it is not your duty to rectify that persons mistake, it is not your duty to punish that person, it is God’s wish. Forgiveness is Gods work not your work.
People who have harmed you in any way, big or small, just let it be.
They have collected their own Karma and will eventually pay for it, either in this life or the next.

For example: If you are in a school and there are 20 students in your class, a fellow student sitting next to you slaps you or causes harm to you in any way, will you strike back? Or will you let the teacher who is watching everything happen take action on that student. If you strike back, you will also be at fault and it could result in a big argument or a fight. Then both of you could be punished, no matter who started it. Instead, if the teaching is watching it happen, notices it, it is more likely that , that student will get punished for his actions or get forgiven, depending on various factors.
So here, the Teacher is the GOD watching us, watching everything we do. So it is up to God to forgive or not to forgive, not us.

The concept of Forgiveness does not exist on this planet.