Yudhishthira talks about the love for God

Krishna taught that a man ought to live in this world like a lotus leaf, which grows in water but is never moistened by water; so a man ought to live in the world - his heart to God and his hands to work.
It is good to love God for hope of reward in this or next world, but it is better to love God for love's sake, and the prayer goes: 'Lord, I do not want wealth, nor children, nor learning. If it be Thy will, I shall go from birth to birth, but grant me this, that I may love Thee without the hope of reward - love unselfishly for love's sake.'
Yudhishthira, one of the disciples of Krishna, the then Emperor of India, was driven from his kingdom by his enemies and had to take shelter with his queen, in a forest in the Himalayas , and there one day the queen asked him how it was that he, the most virtuous of men, should suffer so much misery, Yudhishthira answered, 'Behold, my queen, the Himalayas, how grand and beautiful they are, I love them. They do not give me anything, but my nature is to love the grand, the beautiful, therefore I love them. Similarly, I love the Lord. He is the source of all beauty, of all sublimity. He is the only object to be loved; my nature is to love Him and therefore I love. I do not pray for anything, I do not ask for anything. Let Him place me wherever He likes. I must love Him for love's sake. I cannot trade in love. - Swami Vivekananda ( Parliament on 19th Sep 1893 )